Video: Architecting a media virtual network function (VNF) for broadcast services

This technical presentation from Carl Petch of Telstra Broadcast Services looks at some of the reasons why broadcast providers are moving to virtualization, and what the benefits are of applying virtualization to broadcast workflows. Carl explains the vendors they used, the way they architected their solution and some lessons learnt!

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Carl Petch Carl Petch
Principal Solutions Architect
Telstra Broadcast Services

Video: IBC Tech Talks: Codec Wars

From IBC, this is an fantastic line-up of 6 experts in the field of codecs who dive deep into the pros and cons of AV1, HEVC and discuss alternative codecs.

Three papers are presented showing the reality of the AV1 implementation to date, why there’s promise and why we’re not there yet.

The event moves on to a panel session which digs deep into HEVC licensing, challenger Codecs such as XVC and PERSEUS, and much about UHD and HEVC adoption.

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Ben Keen Chair – Ben Keen
Analyst & Advisor – Technology, Media & Telecoms
Ian Trow Ian Trow
Presenting: AV1: Implementation, Performance and Applications
Consultant, Business Development & Technology
Jonatan Samuelsson Jonatan Samuelsson
Presenting: The XVC Video Codec – A Revolutionary Software-Defined Video Compression Format.
Co-founder and CEO
Andre Dias Andre Dias
Presenting: An Overview of Recent Video Coding Developments in MPEG and AOMedia
R&D Engineer
Ken McCann
Ken McCann
Philippe Keutgen Philippe Keutgen
Technology Transfer and Partnerships Manager
Thierry Fautier Thierry Fautier
Supporting Paper: Understanding the Video Codec Jungle: A Comparison of TCO and Compression Efficiency
UHDF President

Webinar: Welcome to All IP Media—Understanding Networked Video, File, Management and More

Date: June 13th 2018
First Showing: 8 AM PT/11 AM ET/16:00 BST
Second Showing: 9 PM PT/Midnight ET (14th)/05:00 BST (14th)

Now that uncompressed media has arrived for COTS networking infrastructure in the media and entertainment industry we can complete the picture for all IP transport, covering all aspects of the content delivery chain. Marrying hardware and software-based systems to high-performance network infrastructure is critical to making all IP end–to-end video workflows a reality.

Join industry experts from Harmonic and Arista Networks for an in-depth discussion of practical lessons for supporting networked video and file workflows along with management, monitoring and control.

Topics Include:

  • The impact of uncompressed media over IP on existing IP workflows
  • The technologies enabling the transport of uncompressed flows
  • Network topologies and routing for small and large production systems
  • Use cases, including uncompressed end-to-end studio production and playout, and encoding for broadcast and OTT
  • The reality of HD over 10Gig

Andy Warman
Director, Playout Solutions, Harmonic
Board Member and Marketing Working Group Chair, AIMS

Andy Warman is the Director of playout solutions at Harmonic. He provides business development and strategic direction for Harmonic’s line of playout enabled solutions for cloud and appliances including Spectrum media server, the Polaris automation suite, MediaGrid shared storage solutions and VOS cloud-native media processing. Warman also serves on the board of directors of the Alliance for the IP Media Solutions (AIMS).

Robert Welch
Technical Solutions Lead
Arista Networks

Robert Welch is a Technical Solutions Lead at Arista Networks, working with customers and partners on innovative solutions to business challenges.

Webinar: Advanced Live Streaming Technologies and Strategies

NEW Date: Thursday May 17th, 2018 – 17:00 GMT / 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 8 PM CET
Streaming Media’s Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen leads a leading panel in a discussion of the latest codecs, delivery protocols, and cloud workflows for live streaming.

Topics include:
• Why ultra-low latency is crucial for a good user experience
• Achieving 4K/UHD video quality at scale
• Best practices for selecting an enterprise live streaming platform
• How to achieve low latency, reduce bandwidth, and improve QoE using content-aware encoding
• The latest advances in video compression
• Tips for leveraging your videoconferencing infrastructure for enterprise live streaming
• The benefits of working with an events services team for successful town halls and all-hands events


image image image image
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
VP / Editor
Streaming Media
Amzi Jackson
General Manager of Full Service Operations
Philippe Carol
Product Manager
Thierry Fautier
VP, Video Strategy

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Webinar: Online Video Formats: 2018 and Beyond

Webinar: Tue, Mar 27, 2018 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM BST
Sifting through the plethora of online codecs current and upcoming, Jason Thibeault and Thierry Fautier present this webinar from Harmonic and the Streaming Video Alliance

Recently, we have seen renewed attention on HEVC following Apple’s announcement to support the codec on their devices. 6 months later, Apple surprisingly became a founding member of the Alliance for Open Media (AOM) as a supporter of the AV1 codec. Yet, while the AOM group claims AV1 provides better performance than HEVC and will be offered royalty-free, there are some academic benchmarks who find AV1 inferior to HEVC on codec quality and performance.
In the meantime, MPEG / ITU-T is working on a next generation video codec, in a group called JVET (Joint Video Exploration Team) that has a mandate to deliver a video compression standard that can reach 50% over HEVC in 2020. Additionally, on the streaming side, we have seen the MPEG CMAF standard getting some traction not only to unify the HLS and DASH worlds, but also to offer the long awaited low latency delay solution for OTT.

This panel will discuss perspectives on these video compression technologies to help content providers, broadcasters, and service providers figure out the best path forward to distribute content over the internet in the coming years.

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Video: Achieving low latency, reliable video streaming with SRT

An introduction to SRT, a new protocol for reliable low-latency live streaming over the internet. Developed collaboratively, SRT is an open source video transport protocol that enables the delivery of high-quality and secure video delivery.

In this recorded webinar, the speakers discuss:

  • The SRT Alliance:
    Since its launch at NAB, the SRT Alliance has made significant progress towards standardizing SRT as the de facto video streaming standard. Learn about its current status, its latest developments and upcoming events.
  • Benefits of open source SRT:
    Learn more about the SRT protocol and the Github community.
  • Joining SRT Alliance:
    Learn how you can get on board and improve your live video streaming workflows by joining the SRT Alliance and by using open source SRT in your video video workflows with the support of the Github community.

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Three Free Webinars!

Three Free Webinars coming up next week:

1) Cloud TV and live-streaming featuring The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2018
13th March: Harmonic’s Vice President of Video Strategy, Thierry Fautier and Digital TV Europe’s (DTVE) Editor, Stuart Thomson provide an in-depth discussion of cloud technology and OTT live-streaming, featuring results from The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2018.

DTVE will look at what industry executives think about some of the most pressing issues facing the digital video distribution business, including:

  • The impact of cloud technology
  • The growth of live streaming
  • OTT TV and multiscreen distribution

Harmonic will highlight the trends, challenges and technology solutions that are transforming the OTT video delivery market, including:

  • How to overcome low latency to delivery QoE on all devices
  • The latest in video compression
  • How to gain operational efficiencies with cloud-based and SaaS media processing


2) The Media + Networks Survey: Results
15th March: Discussion looking at the key findings of the 2018 Media + Networks survey
Key findings and broken down by business type looking at:

  • Financial performance
  • Challenges
  • Business focus
  • and more…


3) How are you going to make money in 2018?
The final webinar of Digital Week is hosted by LeadersIn, and focuses on how the industry will make money and the expected revenue mix for the coming year. MiDiA Research will also be providing a whitepaper on the content bubble.

Webinar: Where IP and SDI Meet — The Migration to Media Over IP Workflows

Webinar and On Demand: December 6th 09:00 PST, 17:00 GMT
Now that SMPTE ST 2110 has been approved, attention is focused more than ever on solving the practical challenges of migrating SDI workflows to IP.

Join industry experts from Harmonic and Lawo as they discuss the ins and outs of converting between SDI and IP, the benefits of a hybrid approach for migrating to “all IP” over time, and the implications of merging uncompressed IP with existing compressed IP transport downstream of production and playout workflows.

Topics include:

  • Opportunities for new and improved workflow efficiency offered by IP
  • How to deal with the conversion between SDI and IP, including playout and monitoring
  • What trends are guiding the move to all IP workflows
  • How to integrate the uncompressed ecosystem with compression and delivery systems