Video: Blockchain Masterclass – Restoring trust and transparency in digital media

Successive waves of disruption across industries and constant change means opportunity. We’ve entered a new era where truth isn’t subjective, but collective – where radical transparency is uprooting how we interact, transact and drive growth. Leading organizations and consortia across industries are rapidly unleashing the exponential business value of blockchain. More than a new technology, it’s a whole new playing field. Join this masterclass at IBC to discover how blockchain is delivering newfound trust to media, entertainment and advertising.

Answering key questions like, what is ‘blockchain’? How have our views on ‘trust’ changed in the new digital era? What is the state of blockchain adoption in business? Jason Kelley helps us understand where we are in balancing the hype and usefulness of blockchain.

Chad Andrews spells out a way of managing personal/consumer data which can use blockchain principles to bring together data controlled by different parties which would decouple technology from data.

Peter Guglielmino discusses the challenges of piracy and fraud which have arisen with the rise of digitisation and outlines how to store media files with accountability linked to a blockchain ledger.

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Jason Kelley Jason Kelley
Blockchain Services, IBM
Peter Guglielmino Peter Guglielmino
CTO, Global Media & Entertainment, IBM
Chad Andrews Chad Andrews
Global Solutions Leader, IBM

Webinar: End-to-End Workflow

Thursday, October 18th, 2018. 11am PT / 2pm ET / 19:00 BST

End-to-end workflows take the guesswork out of processing, managing, and delivering content to viewers. This web event will discuss the pros and cons of end-to-end workflow solutions and give you insights into what to look for when making an investment in your company’s future.

In this event, you’ll learn the following:
• How implementing an end-to-end publishing strategy can optimize video workflows
• What considerations your systems require to remain agile in a dynamic market
• How to execute a “production to distribution” streamed content strategy with a quality viewing experience
• How next-generation hybrid architectures, from production to distribution, can be automated and customized
• How to keep content secure as it moves through global, digital workflows that involve both automation and people
• The pros and cons of off-the-shelf tools, best-of-breed solutions, and custom solutions
• How to reduce management costs by treating infrastructure as code and using devops best practices
• Best practices for delivering video to multiple media devices everywhere

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Moderator Presenters
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen Ken Haren Rick Clarkson Alexander Leschinsky Charles Kraus
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen
VP / Editor
Streaming Media
Ken Haren
Marketing Director
Rick Clarkson
Chief Strategy Officer
Alexander Leschinsky
Co-Founder & Managing Director
G&L Geißendörfer & Leschinsky GmbH
Charles Kraus
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Limelight Networks

Meeting: Post with the Pros – Intelligent Adobe Workflows

Date: Thursday 19th July, 17:30 BST
Location: 8 Golden Square, Soho W1F 9HY

Join Jigsaw24 for an evening of Adobe and Workflows!

The Post with the Pros team 19th July looks at intelligent Adobe workflows for post, and how you can adapt your workflow for maximum efficiency and creativity.

Come along to find out about the cutting edge Premiere Pro editing system being used in Russia for the World Cup from Adobe Master Trainer Alex Macleod. There’ll be discussion panels with users from media and corporate companies, presentations from manufacturers including FlavourSys, Adobe and Qumulo on the power of shared storage and asset management.

En evening of discussion, demos and the obligatory free beer! Sign up now!

Video: Exploring Image Corruption in the Workflow, and how to Stop this from Happening

Corrupted data is a fact of life. Yet LTO tape Systems, SAN, NAS, Object Store, RAM, and WAN Optimizers all have configurations available to protect the fidelity of image contents in the workflow. Most serious is an archive scenario where content may sit untouched for a long duration and any corruption remains undetected for extended periods of time.

This talk from SMPTE Technical Conference 2017 by Keith Hogan covers the problems with hashes, looks at where errors can get introduced and ways to mitigate problems.

Depending on the path a video frame takes through the workflow, it will be treated to a varying set of protection technologies, like RAID, erasure coding, ECC Memory, and parity checking. Even on the network, errors can be introduced but checksums don’t always work.

To overcome the uncertainty of associated with how these methods ensure fidelity, the industry employs failure detection at each stage of the workflow (generally MD5 checksums). Keith discusses the protection mechanisms provided or employed by each workflow element and how frame corruption can occur, even when all of the protection technologies are working as designed. Finishing with a method for providing protection to images at the frame level using Forward Error Correction, such that there is uniformity of protection for images applied throughout the workflow, Keith shows that media errors may be recovered in most cases without having to access a backup copy.

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Meeting: IMF for Broadcast & Online

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 – 15:00 to 16:45
Location: Dock10, The Studios, MediaCity:UK, Salford, M50 2HQ

Hosted at Dock10, join the DPP experts to find out about the new IMF Specification for Broadcast and Online.
Starting with refreshments and networking, the session will cover the business case behind the need to develop a new Inter-operable Mastering Format, how it fits in to existing programme delivery cycles, what SMPTE specifications are with a view of how IMF might evolve for advertising deliveries globally


Andy Quested

Andy Quested started working as a BBC Technical Assistant in 1978 becoming a video tape editor in 1985. Andy worked on many comedy, children’s and documentary series, editing all episodes of “Keeping Up Appearances”! He also worked on the introducing of non-linear editing, stereo and widescreen production. In 1998 Andy moved to a new BBC technology department where he led the production technology for the BBC’s first HD programmes including the iconic series “Planet Earth I”. He is the technical lead for the DPP’s AS-11 format, co-chairs the EBU Video Systems Strategic Group and is an active member of SMPTE, especially the UK Region and became a Fellow in 2014. At the ITU, Andy chaired the Rapporteurs Group that developed the HDR Recommendation until 2015 when he became chair of Working Party 6C which has responsibility for the international standards for production and international exchange.

Andy Wilson,

With over 17 years of working on red button interactive television services, broadcast innovation, product management and digital rights for the BBC, Andy now leads the growth and delivery of the DPP.  Andy’s previous BBC work included the migration of Engineering Teams to support new technologies and studios in MediaCity UK, New Broadcasting House, UHD broadcasts, supporting the 2012 London Olympics and running the industry skills programme for File Delivery.
Andy joined the DPP from his role as Partnership Lead for BBC Make it Digital, a year-long campaign to develop the coding and digital skills of audiences across the UK. He was also Head of Delivery for BBC micro:bit, ensuring 1 million children across the UK received a new computing device to help grow their engineering and digital skills. Andy led collaboration between 54 partners, to deliver the BBC’s most ambitious education initiative in 30 years.
Andy has experience in developing big data services, powered by machine learning, through his work in developing audience measurement tools for television and online services.

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Video: Turner’s Cloud Archive for CNN’s Video Library and Global Multiplatform Versioning

From AWS re:Invent 2017, Michael Koetter from Turner and Bhavik Vyas from AWS explain that Turner is creating a copy of CNN’s 37-year news video library in AWS to take advantage of the cost and architectural benefits of cloud storage.
This project has unique requirements around retrieval times, and Turner partnered with AWS to drive specific capabilities such as those Amazon Glacier expedited and bulk retrieval options. These cloud-based archives can enable Turner to use other cloud-based value-add services, such as AI/ML/search, and media supply chains efficiently. Turner’s global content exploitation strategies call for extensive versioning of content assets required for distribution to different platforms, products, and regions.
Today, this involves complex workflows to derive multiple downstream versions. Adopting the SMPTE Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF) and cloud-based object storage, Turner will dramatically simplify these workflows by enabling cloud-based automation and elastic scalability. Hear Turner’s strategy, implementation around these media workloads, and lessons learned.

Michael Koetter, SVP, Digital Media Systems, Turner
Bhavik Byas, Global Ecosystem Leader, M&E, AWS

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Meeting: AWS Summit

Location: ExCEL, London

A whole day of free learning about AWS from the basics to the advanced. See how people are using AWS in the Innovation Lab. Ask questions of the AWS staff. Hear the CTO and UK MD’s keynote.

Free to register
Can’t attend? See also their online event from earlier this year which is still available until May 31st

• Keynote with Dr, Werner Vogels, CTO, & Gavin Jackson, MD, AWS UK & Ireland
• 60+ sessions covering the hottest topics in cloud computing
• 80+ sponsors
• Innovation Hub
• Startup Area
• Partner & Solutions Expo Hall including Certification Lounge, Ask an AWS Architect, AWS Marketplace and AWS User Groups
• Networking Drinks

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See also their online event from earlier this year which is still online until May 31st

Meeting: Movie Distribution and Workflow Security

Date: May 9th 2018, 18:15-21:00
Location: NBC Universal, 1 Central St Giles, St Giles High Street, WC2H 8NU Google Maps

This talk looks at two areas of great developments in the film industry:

Versioning and localisation plus the need to have content security at all stages today focussing on security during the production process.

International Movie distribution using digital files is a well-oiled machine – and it needs to be with burgeoning movie versions increasing all the time. Some International releases have upwards of 750 different versions to create, package and distribute to the cinema.

While the distribution above is well protected by in built encryption and physical barriers what about security during production?


Andy Lucas – Vice President Global Distribution Technology, Universal Pictures International

David Hodgkinson – SVP Distribution Operations, Universal Pictures International

Webinar: The State of HDR Video: New Standards, Future Trends & Current Use Cases

Webinar: 28th March 2018, 16:00 BST
AWS Elemental explores the state of HDR in 2018 as technology options and standards continue to emerge. Navigating HDR video formats continues to be complicated, with different format preferences among studios, OTT services, and consumer electronics devices. While on-demand video production workflows using IMF sources to deliver HDR content have been deployed, live broadcasts with HDR are just starting to take place.

Learn about the various HDR video standards that have emerged recently, industry trends, and real-world use cases for HDR file and live video workflows.

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Dan Gehred

Dan Gehred

Solutions Marketing Manager for Compression, AWS Elemental

Dan Gehred, Solutions Marketing Manager for Compression at AWS Elemental, is responsible for product marketing for all compression software products. Dan has over 15 years of experience building and marketing digital media applications.

Dan Germain

Dan Germain

Sr. Product Manager Compression – VOD, AWS Elemental

With over 30 years of industry experience in the international media marketplace, Dan is passionate about technology, developing new standards, promoting positive change and business approaches to enhanced profitability.

Webinar: How High-Speed File Transfer Impacts your Enterprise Data Architecture

Webinar: 21st March 2018, 8am PT, 15:00 GMT
How should you leverage your current network and storage design to take advantage of Aspera’s transformative data movement capabilities? What additional benefits could be realized by tuning / tweaking / adjusting your data architecture?

In this webinar, Bill Jones, Advanced Technical Support Engineer at IBM Aspera, will discuss design considerations and the impact of high-speed file transfer on network and storage architecture.

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