Video: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Optical Networking

Richard A Steenbergen tells us everything we need to know about fibre optics; essential knowledge in today’s network-centric world – though fibre has been in frequent use in broadcast for a long time.

Whether this is new to you, or you’ve been using fibre for ages, you’re sure to get something out this detailed look at optics covering:

  • How fibre works (the basics, fibre types and limitations, etc)
  • Optical power (understanding dBm, loss, using light meters, etc)
  • Working with optics (choosing the right type, designing optical networks, etc)
  • DWDM (how it works, muxes, OADMs and ROADMs, amps, etc)
  • Dispersion and other impairments (what is it, why do we care, how do we fix it)
  • Optical Myths (can I hurt myself looking into fibre, can I overload my optic, etc)
  • An update on the latest state-of-the-art optical technologies and trends.

Watch now!
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From the NANOG conference (North American Network Operators’ Group).


Richard A Steenbergen Richard A Steenbergen
Former CTO, PacketFabric,
Current CEO, Petabit Scale