Three Free Webinars!

Three Free Webinars coming up next week:

1) Cloud TV and live-streaming featuring The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2018
13th March: Harmonic’s Vice President of Video Strategy, Thierry Fautier and Digital TV Europe’s (DTVE) Editor, Stuart Thomson provide an in-depth discussion of cloud technology and OTT live-streaming, featuring results from The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2018.

DTVE will look at what industry executives think about some of the most pressing issues facing the digital video distribution business, including:

  • The impact of cloud technology
  • The growth of live streaming
  • OTT TV and multiscreen distribution

Harmonic will highlight the trends, challenges and technology solutions that are transforming the OTT video delivery market, including:

  • How to overcome low latency to delivery QoE on all devices
  • The latest in video compression
  • How to gain operational efficiencies with cloud-based and SaaS media processing


2) The Media + Networks Survey: Results
15th March: Discussion looking at the key findings of the 2018 Media + Networks survey
Key findings and broken down by business type looking at:

  • Financial performance
  • Challenges
  • Business focus
  • and more…


3) How are you going to make money in 2018?
The final webinar of Digital Week is hosted by LeadersIn, and focuses on how the industry will make money and the expected revenue mix for the coming year. MiDiA Research will also be providing a whitepaper on the content bubble.