Webinar: Real-time, Remote Production over Commodity Internet

Webinar: Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 11am PT, 18:00 GMT
Capturing and producing content for live events such as sports, news, training or education programs poses unique challenges, and true real-time, remote production has long been an unattainable goal until now. Telestream and IBM Aspera have developed a game-changing, joint solution for high-speed capture and production of live, broadcast quality video from remote locations for faster production turnaround.

    During this webinar, we’ll be discussing:

  • The significant challenges of real-time, remote production
  • How the joint solution works and what it takes to implement
  • The robustness of the solution even though it uses commodity Internet WANs

John Fleenor, Product Manager, Telestream
Mike Flathers, CTO, Aspera, an IBM Company