Webinar: Frame Accurate Video Routing with IP-based Broadcast Infrastructure

On-demand Webinar
Network performance and programmatic control are integral to building an effective IP infrastructure for the broadcasting industry. In this webinar Arista Networks and Lawo give a technical deep-dive on the next-generation of Broadcast technology and how they can help you to leverage Ethernet Economics in the broadcast plant. This recorded, live webinar will help you to understand:

  • Requirements for studio production and remote production.
  • Requirements for edge conversion, control systems, and seamless switching.
  • The difference between source timed and destination timed switching.
  • The importance of an orchestration layer for the network and broadcast infrastructure.
  • Network requirements for a high-performance broadcast plant:
    • Comprehensive network control via API’s
    • Low-latency and high throughput
    • Wire-rate multicast
    • Accelerated multicast control
    • Flow steering in a source-timed model
    • SDN: the necessity for complete programmatic control

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