Video: Remote Production In Pajamas

Remote production (AKA REMIs) has been discussed for a long time – but what’s practical today? Teradek, Brandlive and Vimond share their experiences making it work.

The main benefit of remote production is reducing costs by keeping staff at base instead of sending them to the event. Switching video, adding graphics and publishing are all possible in the cloud, but how practical this all is and which people stay behind very much depend on the company; their quality standards, their workflows, complexity of the programme etc.

This panel at the Streaming Media East looks at when remote production is appropriate, how much does a service provider needs to be present, redundancy, the role of standards and is a wide ranging discussion on the topic.

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Jon Landman Jon Landman
VP of Sales,
Megan Wagoner Megan Wagoner
VP of Sales,
Mark Adams Mark Adams
SVP Sales & Marketing,
Kevin McCarthy Kevin McCarthy
Director of Production,
VideoLink LLC