Video: Synchronize your Watches: Cross-platform stream synchronization of HLS and DASH

Watching broadcast TV and also video on an online device can give people more choice, but it can also lead to hearing sports scores on one device before the other. In multi-person, multi-device homes, it can be better simply to synchronise the playback of all devices. This technique, though, has an often overlooked side effect; the ability for a group of people to watch the same content in sync.

Synchronising playback between many different people can be done for live and for on-demand content. ‘Watch Parties’ is the term Seth Madison from Philo makes in this talk for a two or more people watching the same programme – often calling each other up on FaceTime or

Seth takes us through the things to consider when designing such a system. For instance, how do you make it scale? How do you deal with one person who has a much worse connection than everyone else. How does one person pausing a video affect everyone else? These questions and more are all answered in this talk from Demuxed.

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Seth Madison Seth Madison
Software Engineer,