On-demand Webinar: “It’s about time” SMPTE ST 2059 Network-Delivered Reference

The SMPTE ST 2059 standards suite provides a method to accommodate all legacy reference and media signals using IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), delivered over an IP network. This webcast examines how this new way of synchronizing systems will affect legacy, hybrid, and future all-IP infrastructures.

Beginning with an overview of PTP, Paul Briscoe demonstrates how the ST 2059 standard uses this foundation to establish deterministic relationships between global real-time and media signals. It explores how equipment using PTP meets synchronisation requirements instead of legacy reference signals and how timecode is virtualized. The webcast then examines product design considerations for hybrid environments, focusing on how a common reference subsystem can use either legacy or hybrid forms of reference, enabling equipment to evolve alongside user requirements. An explanation on how ST 2059 brings together legacy and new systems for this new method to be applied to live IP infrastructures will be offered. The webcast closes with a discussion on system design considerations, focusing on ways to incorporate technology islands in a hybridised architecture.

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