Video: SMPTE Timed Text

As much as video and audio are an essential part of watching a video, increasingly so is Timed Text (AKA Subtitles or Closed Captions). Legally required in some countries, its practical use beyond the hard of hearing is increasingly acknowledged. Whether for a sound-less TV in a reception or to help your follow the programme over the noise, Timed Text is here to stay online and in traditional broadcast. With the FCC declaring SMPTE-TT a ‘Safe Harbor’ format[1][2] it has become a default format for subtitles interchange in the professional world.

In this webinar:
Why did we need a language for Timed Text?
An overview of TTML (Timed Text Markup Language from the WC3)
Examples of TTML
How SMPTE-TT extends TTML
How SMPTE-TT ends up as Closed Captions/CEA-608

Watch now!

[2] FCC § 79.103 (c)