On Demand: Live Production and Sports

On demand Webinar

The webinar will see a high-level overview of the insights gleaned from a live production and sports survey of those responsible for live production within leading tier one broadcasters, from multiple markets including Europe and the US.

The research covered a series of questions related to the industry including; major trends for live sports broadcasting; the technology priorities for live production; and where the largest growth will be in live sports.

Formula One has taken a standard quad 3G SDI UHD approach and in just 11 months, it has been able to replace 80 per cent of its on-location broadcasting infrastructure so that it was ready to broadcast the 2017 Formula One Championships in UHD.

In one creative process, the SAM solution at Formula One enables the delivery of outputs for different viewers and also the ability, for example, for every operator to have access to all of the content so that they can now see more than 60 cameras on the circuit, rather than just a handful of them.