Video: Reducing Latency & Startup Times

Low latency and fast startup times are KPIs for most streaming video producers, particularly for live events. In this talk from Streaming Media west, you will learn how to achieve the low latency live streaming.
David and Jun show the importance of measuring startup time, latency, and network overhead and with Jan Ozer, they show you how to get latency down by:
• reducing fragment sizes, using hybrid fragment sizes;
• specifying first variant retrieved;
• controlling the number of fragments retrieved before playback starts;
• and opening a persistent connection between player.

You’ll learn the most effective strategies for minimizing startup time and latency without swamping your network with additional HTTP requests, and what you’ll need to do to implement them in your encoding and delivery workflows.

David Hassoun, CEO RealEyes Media
Jun Heider, Director of Technology, RealEyes Media
Jan Ozer, Streaming Learning Center

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