Video: SCTE 35 – From Playout to Payout

This video from Imagine Communications describes what SCTE 35 is and how it works. Given by the former CTO, Yuval Fisher, highly experienced in the industry, Yuval describes the problems SCTE 35 is trying to fix, how we do it, what can be included within a SCTE 35 messages and how we can manage it.

Working a great, but deep, introduction to SCTE 35, this video should be good for many people within the broadcast chain to get everyone up to speed.

Points covered:

  • Why SCTE 35 is useful
  • Types of use of SCTE 35 (Ads, Programme boundaries etc., Regionalisation)
  • How POIS works
  • Interoperability of metadata
  • What is in a SCTE 35 messages
  • When SCTE 35 messages are sent
  • Evergreen cloud-based ad replacement
  • When to SCTE-35s go missing
  • Alternatives to SCTE 35

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Yuval Fisher Yuval Fisher
Former CTO,
Imagine Communications