Video: Holographic update: Light Fields and the Future of Video

Recording Light Fields sounds like sci-fi as it allows you to record a video and then move around that video as you please changing the angle you look at it and your position. This is why it’s also referred to as holography.

It works by recording the video from many different viewpoints rather than just from one angle. Processing all of these different videos of the same thing allows a computer to build a 3D video model of the scene which you can then watch using VR goggles or a holographic TV.

In this talk from San Francisco Video Tech, Ryan Damm from talks us through some of the basics of light fields touching and brings us up to date with the current status. Google, Microsoft, Intel are some of the big players investing in R&D among many smaller startups.

Ryan talks about the need for standardisation for light fields. The things we take for granted in 2D video are compared with what you have with light field video by way of explaining the challenges and approaches being seen today in this active field.

Watch now and learn!


Ryan Damm Ryan Damm
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