Webinar: Cloud Vs. On-Prem Video Processing and Delivery

Webinar: Jan 25th 2018, 11am PT/2pm ET/19:00 GMT

The cloud has transformed video processing and delivery, and it’s more robust, efficient, and flexible than ever. But on-premise solutions still have their place, as do hybrid solutions that offer the best of both worlds. Join this webinar for an insightful discussion and debate about the pros and cons of all three approaches.

Topics discussed will include the following:
• Capacity planning in the cloud vs. on-prem
• How the “cloud” relates to the physical infrastructure, and whether it matters
• Ability to move quickly with cloud deployments vs. long-term costs
• Specific functions that always benefit from being distributed or on-prem
• Considerations for high availability and disaster recovery
• Protecting against piracy
• Cloud vs. on-prem vs. hybrid—when and why each approach is called for

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, VP / Editor, Streaming Media
Martin Smole, Encoding Product Manager, Bitmovin
James Kirby, Senior Director Solutions Architecture, Edgeware
Mike Nash, Director of Product Management, Signiant

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