Video: JPEG XS Interoperability Activity Group Update

JPEG XS is a low-latency, light-compression codec often called a ‘mezzanine’ codec. Encoding within milliseconds, JPEG XS can compress full-bandwidth signals by 4x or more allowing scope for several generations of compression without significant degradation. The low-latency and resilience to de-generation make it ideal for enabling remote production.

John Dale from Media Links joins us to look at what’s being done within the Video Services Forum (VSF) to ensure interoperability. As a new standard, JPEG XS is yet to be or is still being implemented in many companies’ products. Therefore this is the perfect time to be looking at how to standardise interconnects,

Running JPEG XS over MPEG TS is one approach which is being written up in ‘VSF TR-07’ (Technical Reference 7) which will be imminently completed. It defines capabilities for 2K, 4K and 8K video with and without HDR. They have split the video formats into capability sets meaning that a vendor can comply with the specification by stating which subset(s) it can cope with. All formats up to 1080p60 are under capability set ‘A’ with ‘B’ covering UHD resolutions. After this work, they will look at JPEG XS over ST 2110-22 instead of MPEG TS. This is yet to start and will share much of the work from previous work.

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John Dale John Dale
Company Director and CMO,
Media Links.