Webinar: The State of Data

Date: 26th June 2018, 18:00 BST, 10am PDT

Register for a look at the current state of the media industry ― which means the expanding state of data. They will talk about:
• Data-driven changes in platforms and social
• The rise of savvy, demanding audiences ― and how producers are responding
• How data is bringing back profits to news and other media businesses

Ooyala’s Paula Minardi, Head of Content Strategy,
and Jim O’Neill, Principal Analyst.

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Webinar: State of the Broadcast Industry 2018 – Ooyala

Webinar: February 6, 2018, 18:00 GMT | 10AM PST
Ooyala’s Paula Minardi, Head of Content Strategy and Jim O’Neill, Principal Analyst and Strategic Media Consultant, take us through Ooyala’s 2018 State of the Broadcast Industry report highlighting:

  • OTT 2.0: The powerful next phase of over-the-top viewing
  • New viewer trends, from “sometime streamers” to “OTT service stackers”
  • The long-form boom and where investments are headed

…and much more.

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