Webinar: State of the Broadcast Industry 2019

Ooyala heroically compile a report and webinar discussing the state of the media and broadcast industry each year and Jim O’Neill is here to talk us through it for 2019. The report itself discusses penetration of 4K screens, the demographics of online streaming, 5G, ATSC and much more and this webinar looks at:

  • The surge of major streaming services into the market
  • The multi-billion dollar expansion of original content creation
  • The acceleration of M&E and M&A activity as broadcasters look to build content empires

There’s a lot here so download the report and register for the webinar!


Jim O'Neill Jim O’Neill
Principal Analyst

Webinar: Ooyala’s Q1 2018 Global Video Index

Date: July 31st 2018, 8am PDT / 16:00 BST
Second session at 4PM PDT / 7AM SGT / 9AM AEDT

Ooyala’s Global Video Index shows you what’s happening in real life, not guesses by analysts. This webinar discusses the findings of the report including:

  • Processing of long-form content (20+ mins.) just jumped 189% in one year
  • Completion rates for long-form content hit 57% on smartphones
  • Tablets (13.1%) hit their highest share of mobile plays ever

Ask your questions, read the report, and hear what Ooyala have to say about it tomorrow, July 31st.

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Webinar: The State of Data

Date: 26th June 2018, 18:00 BST, 10am PDT

Register for a look at the current state of the media industry ― which means the expanding state of data. They will talk about:
• Data-driven changes in platforms and social
• The rise of savvy, demanding audiences ― and how producers are responding
• How data is bringing back profits to news and other media businesses

Ooyala’s Paula Minardi, Head of Content Strategy,
and Jim O’Neill, Principal Analyst.

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Webinar: To Buy or Build Your Media Solution?

Ooyala discusses a new answer to an old question: “Should I buy or build our media production solution?”
On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 16:00 GMT Phil Eade and Chris Duke from Ooyala explain how building your own media production solution can be slow, labor-intensive and hard to keep up-to-date. And buying a ready-made media production platform may leave you missing features you need or have integration issues with existing tools and workflows. This webinar examines if Ooyala Flex could help you do both at once leaving you with a more complete solution.

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Webinar: State of the Broadcast Industry 2018 – Ooyala

Webinar: February 6, 2018, 18:00 GMT | 10AM PST
Ooyala’s Paula Minardi, Head of Content Strategy and Jim O’Neill, Principal Analyst and Strategic Media Consultant, take us through Ooyala’s 2018 State of the Broadcast Industry report highlighting:

  • OTT 2.0: The powerful next phase of over-the-top viewing
  • New viewer trends, from “sometime streamers” to “OTT service stackers”
  • The long-form boom and where investments are headed

…and much more.

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Webinar: Learn how Zoomin.TV reduced its production time by roughly 70%

Webinar: November 28, 2017, 8AM PST, 16:00 GMT

MTG’s Zoomin.TV produces over 400 videos a day in over 20 languages, making them the world’s largest online video publisher. Based in the Netherlands, the company has a network of over 3,500 video journalists around the world and operates one of the largest multi-platform networks with 25,000 content creators and 3.2 billion views a month…and growing.

In this product-focused case study, Ooyala describes how they worked with Zoomin.TV to transform its business, increasing creative and workflow productivity and expand their revenue and return on video content investments.

You’ll find out how they:

  • Pinpoint inefficiencies in its operations and streamline processes
  • Implement customized workflows to track and automate all their tasks
  • Integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro to drive creative productivity
  • Connect to Salesforce, providing real-time data on critical benchmarks


Webinar: The Benefits of LIVE OTT in the Cloud

Date: Thursday, November 9, 2017
Time: 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET / 16:00 UTC

Consumers demand access to their favorite content anytime and anywhere. That includes access to on-demand and live feeds. VoD delivery itself is not considered a differentiator anymore as consumers want a better holistic experience and access to live feeds via OTT platforms. The process of managing live OTT video workflows capable of delivering at scale and with no disruption or errors requires a new approach.

This webinar will explore how technology innovations can support live OTT content distribution at scale while creating new monetization opportunities. We will discuss how to meet additional consumer requirements through further engagement techniques via cloud-based solutions, as offering a live TV service is ultimately not just about streaming; it is about creating an end-to-end holistic experience.

    Key Topics for Discussion

  • Key trends driving the shift in live consumption
  • Live TV as a holistic experience
  • Speed and reliability as paramount metric to create that experience
  • Monitoring and analytics as an enabler for quality improvement
  • Live to VOD offerings to maximise revenue and engagement

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