Webinar: Learn how Zoomin.TV reduced its production time by roughly 70%

Webinar: November 28, 2017, 8AM PST, 16:00 GMT

MTG’s Zoomin.TV produces over 400 videos a day in over 20 languages, making them the world’s largest online video publisher. Based in the Netherlands, the company has a network of over 3,500 video journalists around the world and operates one of the largest multi-platform networks with 25,000 content creators and 3.2 billion views a month…and growing.

In this product-focused case study, Ooyala describes how they worked with Zoomin.TV to transform its business, increasing creative and workflow productivity and expand their revenue and return on video content investments.

You’ll find out how they:

  • Pinpoint inefficiencies in its operations and streamline processes
  • Implement customized workflows to track and automate all their tasks
  • Integrate with Adobe Premiere Pro to drive creative productivity
  • Connect to Salesforce, providing real-time data on critical benchmarks