Webinar: Prepare for IP

March 21st 2018 – 08:00 GMT & 16:00 GMT
The first in Axon’s new Broadcast 101 Series – “Prepare for IP: Why is the move to IP logical but at the same time so tough?”

Broadcasters are increasingly considering IP as the next step in their workflows and operations, attracted by the potential of greater agility, flexibility and efficiency. As an industry, we have finally built a consensus on a common IP standard and are forging ahead with the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards. However, there are more challenges to conquer when moving to an IP broadcast infrastructure.

Axon, working closely with early adopters of IP production workflows, has experienced first-hand the many challenges of making the transition from SDI and are keen to share the lessons they have learnt. In their new Broadcast IP 101 series, using real-world examples, the Axon team will provide advice and resources to help you prepare your move to and navigate an IP environment.

Axon’s CEO, Jan Eveleens, hosts this live webinar on Wednesday 21 March at 09.00 CET and 05.00 CET to discuss “Why is the move to IP is logical but at the same time so tough?” he will explore the fundamental drivers behind the transition from coaxial/SDI technology to IP and the tough changes it brings to almost all fundamentals of broadcasting infrastructures.

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