Video: The Evaluation Process of Ultra Low-Latency Solutions

Patrick Debois summarises the world of low-latency players from his perspective of wanting to deploy his own solution.

Low- and ultra low-latency is an emerging market in the sense that there are few standards and getting the solutions working at scale and across all platforms is difficult and is a ‘work in progress’. As such, selecting a player is a compromise and there are many issues at play.

Patrick covers the following aspects:

  • DIY vs ‘as a service’ models
  • Different methods of ingest (replacing RTMP?)
    Platform support & SDK size
  • Synchronised play.
  • Ad support
  • Hangouts
  • Stream protection
  • Redundancy & Load testing
  • Load testing
  • Streaming costs & pricing models
  • Network compatibility of non-HTTP-based solutions
  • ABR support
  • Debug options and detecting stream failure
  • Quality analytics & monitoring support
  • Support

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Patrick Debois Patrick Debois
CTO & Co-founder,