Webinar: Welcome to All IP Media—Understanding Networked Video, File, Management and More

Date: June 13th 2018
First Showing: 8 AM PT/11 AM ET/16:00 BST
Second Showing: 9 PM PT/Midnight ET (14th)/05:00 BST (14th)

Now that uncompressed media has arrived for COTS networking infrastructure in the media and entertainment industry we can complete the picture for all IP transport, covering all aspects of the content delivery chain. Marrying hardware and software-based systems to high-performance network infrastructure is critical to making all IP end–to-end video workflows a reality.

Join industry experts from Harmonic and Arista Networks for an in-depth discussion of practical lessons for supporting networked video and file workflows along with management, monitoring and control.

Topics Include:

  • The impact of uncompressed media over IP on existing IP workflows
  • The technologies enabling the transport of uncompressed flows
  • Network topologies and routing for small and large production systems
  • Use cases, including uncompressed end-to-end studio production and playout, and encoding for broadcast and OTT
  • The reality of HD over 10Gig

Andy Warman
Director, Playout Solutions, Harmonic
Board Member and Marketing Working Group Chair, AIMS

Andy Warman is the Director of playout solutions at Harmonic. He provides business development and strategic direction for Harmonic’s line of playout enabled solutions for cloud and appliances including Spectrum media server, the Polaris automation suite, MediaGrid shared storage solutions and VOS cloud-native media processing. Warman also serves on the board of directors of the Alliance for the IP Media Solutions (AIMS).

Robert Welch
Technical Solutions Lead
Arista Networks

Robert Welch is a Technical Solutions Lead at Arista Networks, working with customers and partners on innovative solutions to business challenges.

Webinar: Where IP and SDI Meet — The Migration to Media Over IP Workflows

Webinar and On Demand: December 6th 09:00 PST, 17:00 GMT
Now that SMPTE ST 2110 has been approved, attention is focused more than ever on solving the practical challenges of migrating SDI workflows to IP.

Join industry experts from Harmonic and Lawo as they discuss the ins and outs of converting between SDI and IP, the benefits of a hybrid approach for migrating to “all IP” over time, and the implications of merging uncompressed IP with existing compressed IP transport downstream of production and playout workflows.

Topics include:

  • Opportunities for new and improved workflow efficiency offered by IP
  • How to deal with the conversion between SDI and IP, including playout and monitoring
  • What trends are guiding the move to all IP workflows
  • How to integrate the uncompressed ecosystem with compression and delivery systems