Video: Digital transformation of Media and Entertainment businesses

Many people have little free time so there is hot competition amongst entertainment services for those precious minutes.

Red Bee Media’s Steve Russell explains how they have moved to a service based model for their platform which allows a single platform to be used by many customers. This allows them to focus on a single platform, making sure this can quickly iterate and provide new services the moment their customers think of them.

Simon Eldridge from SDVI tells us about he’s bringing manufacturing methodologies to the media industry allowing companies to work much more efficiently and Bill Gash talks about about how pay TV, mobile and Telco operators are consolidating to have the power to push back against the internet giants by combining customer attention, spending power and quality of customer experience.

The panel conversation starts discussing the ‘dark’ episode of The Game of Thrones which led to many complaints when viewers watched the episode in environments and on displays which didn’t show enough contrast – unlike the monitors in the grading suite – leading to people being unable to see what’s happening in parts of the episode. Quality of experience, says Bill Gash, is very difficult and the broadness of what constitutes quality of experience can be big challenge for producers who are new to directly delivering to the viewer.

Adapt and evolve is the ‘product management’ approach to launching services, explains Steve Russell, which bucks the trend of launching services which used to take a lot of Capex and a long project to set up. The more recent priorities are speed to market and constant iterations to improve the service.

iflix is a great example of an innovative service which has managed to achieve scale, from 50,000 to, now, 25 million subscribers in less than 3 years. Bill Gash gives this and other examples such as Formula 1, which show the possibilities of growing into and entering this larger market. This shows it’s not just about large players hitting back against the internet giants, but also a recognition that innovating can allow you to take those subs and those ‘minutes of attention’ away from other services.

The panel, from the Content Everywhere Hub, finishes by discussing the importance of adapting to the countries you’re operating it and by identifying the key advice for anyone developing their service in this market.

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Steve Russell Steve Russell
Head of Media Management & OTT Portfolio,
Red Bee
Tim Mulligan Tim Mulligan
Executive Vice President and Research Director
MIDiA Research
Simon Eldridge Simon Eldridge
Chief Product Officer,
Bill Gash Bill Gash
EMEA Sales Director
CSG Ascendon

Webinar: The Game of ‘Live’. Strategies for Success

Date: 4th September 2018, 15:00 BST

In this webinar, CSG will explore the world of ‘live’. Particularly live events like the World Cup, the Olympics, live sport and live concerts. Using real-world examples CSG will provide strategies for how non-digital and digital natives looking to expand services can quickly and easily create immersive, interactive and personalised experiences that generate loyalty, grow bottom lines and leave competitors in the dust.

The days of conforming to TV programming are long gone. Connected lifestyles enable viewers to watch how and when they choose…and that includes live events. Leading technology companies, and particularly those focused on social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) are continuously raising the bar when it comes to consumer engagement and developing a devoted fan base. Undeterred by industry or geographic borders, these organizations are pros at capitalising on events that bring together millions of fans across the globe and then, retaining their loyalty long after.

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Stuart Thomson

The moderator for this webinar is Stuart Thomson. Stuart is Editor of Digital TV Europe and, the leading source for news and analysis on the digital video and pay TV industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

With 20 years’ experience as a leading journalist covering pay TV and digital media, Stuart is an authority on topics ranging from the growth of OTT TV, multiscreen and multi-play offerings to the IP-based convergence of video and data services.

Stuart is a familiar face on the industry conference circuit as a moderator.

Kent Steffen
President, Ascendon Digital Services and OTT

Kent heads CSG’s digital services initiatives focused on creating compelling consumer experiences across devices that better serve the on-the-go consumer. An authority on innovative advancements in multi-device and premium video content delivery, Kent has been honored on multiple occasions as one of Cablefax’s Most Innovative People in Multiscreen and is a frequently sought-after author, speaking on driving wealth in the digital economy.

Many of the world’s leading cable and entertainment providers (including Cineplex, Comcast Xfinity On Campus, Eastlink, Formula 1 and TalkTalk) have benefitted from Kent’s expertise to build global digital strategies and implement digital content monetization, marketing and management programs for the immediate capture of new revenue streams.

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