Video: An introduction to Biological Compression

The search for better codecs is ever lasting so it’s no surprise that with AI’s recent advances, we see a codec based on AI/machine learning. The AI approach not only frees up the maths from, say, upscaling using a fixed algorithm to doing it however it sees fit, but also gives it a holistic view of the image.

Considering the image as a whole whilst encoding it allows the encoder to better apportion bitrate and detail to the needed areas whereas other codecs have trouble breaking out of the procedural ‘one block at a time’ mode which tends to treat each macro block separately.

Co-founder of Deep Render Aim Christian Besenbruch gives us examples of his company’s ‘biological compression’ codec against the latest BGP codec which is an HEVC-based still image codec which delivers smaller images than JPEG.

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Christian Besenbruch Christian Besenbruch
Deep Render AI