Video: Changing Trends in Broadcasting: Technology, Viewership, Engineering, Personnel

A panel of local experts discuss various topics around changing trends in broadcasting: • Are cable networks looking at 4K?
• QVC’s Simulcasts on Facebook Live
• What interest is there in IP standards?
• What new technologies interest local stations?
• Are manufacturers providing the solutions that broadcasters need?
• How are viewers consuming content now and
• How are broadcast techs learning new technologies?

Mark Mullen – Broadcast Facilities Engineer/Technical Director, Millersville University

– Greg Gialloreto – Director of Global Broadcast Architecture, QVC
– Karl Kuhn – Senior Video Systems Application Engineer, Tektronix
– Anthony Plosz – VP of Engineering & Operations, WCAU-TV

This June 2017 meeting of the Philadelphia Section of SMPTE was held at WCAU-TV in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

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Video:Moving Master Control and Asset Management to the Cloud

Starting with a look at how playout has evolved to what it is today, Wesley Thiesson from Evertz Microsystems explains how Master Control and OTT MAM workflows can be improved by the cloud. He then finishes by a look at how far we can push MAM into the cloud, now and in the future.

Talking to SMPTE’s Philadelphia Section, Mr. Thiessen, Senior Solutions Architect, covers the following:

Part 1: Linear Master Control playout from the cloud. A brief history of the evolution of Master Control that makes moving to the cloud feasible. A review of the effects, requirements, possibilities and planning required to make this a reality, reviewing the use case of a facility running dozens of channels 24/7 from the cloud, with live events, time delay and rebroadcast.

Part 2: Feeding the machine. An overview of master control and OTT media prep (MAM) workflows enhanced and enabled in the cloud. Optimizing workflows to deliver your S3, D4 and other OTT content. In today’s OTT world every platform wants a different touch applied to the encoding, the packaging, and the metadata. Using the work completed for linear to drive packaging and ad insertion, along with metadata standardization and transformation, minimizes the effort to deliver multiple formats to multiple destinations.

Part 3: Full Tilt MAM. Bring MAM to your production suite. An overview of some challenges in production and solutions and tools in Cloud based MAM to ease the load. Enrich your production workflow with smart application of artificial intelligence tools, a look at the future that is already here.

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Mr. Thiessen is a graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Broadcast Electronics program. When he started in live and post production with Umatic for offline, DVE’s that took ½ rack per channel and could heat your home, digital video was transmitted in parallel, archives had paper logs and reels on a shelf and telecines had flying spots.

He worked in archive management with Masstech for ten years, managing LTO (and other) libraries, before moving to product management with an encoding/ transcoding/ streaming video company. Five years ago, he joined Evertz. Wesley managed a Joint Master Control installation that encompassed everything from the Master Clock and IRDs to the ATSC encoder and all the SDI devices and file based workflows in between.

Most recently Wesley has been involved on the Solutions Architect team at Evertz with the first 24/7 multichannel broadcast master control project now playing all of Discovery Networks’ USA content from the Cloud, as well as major installations of Media Asset Management for international and domestic content delivery for broadcast and OTT delivery, streamlining automated delivery of more than 10,000 assets per month in nearly 100 formats and packages.

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