Video: Designing and Utilising SMPTE 2110 for Broadcast: Opportunities and Challenges

A meeting of experienced minds here at the Pittsburgh SMPTE section talking about the opportunities and challenges of ST-2110. Phil Myers from Lawo talks optimistically about the challenges that can and often have been solved in implementing 2110 whether that be network infrastructure or timing, giving a good primer on the whole topic as he starts the session.

Hugo Gaggioni from Sony, talks about NMOS, explaining what AMWA does and the difference between their IS-04,05 and 06 specifications.

Karl Kuhn from Tektronix then discusses packet pacing, PTP and network architectures. He then looks at how to monitor PTP and see it is working well.

With the panel session at the end, joined by Dan Turk from NEP, there is a free-ranging discussion covering some of the following topics:

  • Control of IP networks
  • The limits of IP
  • Multicast traffic
  • Network Architecture
  • True non-blocking switches
  • Break-even points of IP systems
  • Split essences & dropping blanking
  • Network planning for UHD
  • Handling loss of network on PTP implementations
    plus much more!

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Phil Myers Phil Myers
Senior Director, IP Systems,
Karl Kuhn Karl Kuhn
Senior Field Video Applications Engineer,
Hugo Gaggioni Hugo Gaggioni
CTO, Broadcast and Production Systems Division
Dan Turk Dan Turk
Chief Engineer, Mobile Units

Video: Changing Trends in Broadcasting: Technology, Viewership, Engineering, Personnel

A panel of local experts discuss various topics around changing trends in broadcasting: • Are cable networks looking at 4K?
• QVC’s Simulcasts on Facebook Live
• What interest is there in IP standards?
• What new technologies interest local stations?
• Are manufacturers providing the solutions that broadcasters need?
• How are viewers consuming content now and
• How are broadcast techs learning new technologies?

Mark Mullen – Broadcast Facilities Engineer/Technical Director, Millersville University

– Greg Gialloreto – Director of Global Broadcast Architecture, QVC
– Karl Kuhn – Senior Video Systems Application Engineer, Tektronix
– Anthony Plosz – VP of Engineering & Operations, WCAU-TV

This June 2017 meeting of the Philadelphia Section of SMPTE was held at WCAU-TV in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

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