Video: HLS js Past, Present and Future

HLS.js is a video player for playing HLS in browsers. Playback of Apple’s HLS, and more recently Low Latency HLS was implemented natively in Safari. HLS.js brings the same playback experience of HLS into other browsers. Created in 2015 by Guillaume du Pontavice, HLS.js uses Media Source Extensions to enable the HTMLMediaElement to play media streams from javascript.

In this talk from Seattle Video Tech, HLS.js maintaner Rob Walch talks us through HLS.js from 2015 to today and touches on future capabilities. Rob takes us through some analytics comparing HLS.js performance against playback with the native player in a range of browsers and shows better bitrate stability. The player today is built on the work under Guillaume but also John Bartos, the previous maintainer who also worked on the LHLS protocol which, while useful, was ultimately sidelined by Apple when they launched ‘Low Latency HLS‘. Needless to say that HLS.js is the result of many contributors.



Rob takes us through his demo page which has a lot of analysis tools showing the current and next chunks, playback timelines, real-time metrics, details on audio tracks, live stats for Apple LL-HLS and much more. The session concludes with questions about how browser agnostic HLS.js is, its support for DRM including on streams with ads in the clear and encyrpted content, support for SSAI discontinuities and testing.

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