Webinar: LTO-8—The New Enterprise Tape Drive

Live Webinar:Nov 15 6:00 pm GMT | On Demand after

Kieran Maloney and Ryan Duffy share the six reasons LTO tape has risen to the top as the best enterprise option with its latest eighth generation release: capacity, performance, error rate, material, cost of ownership, and diversification.

LTO advancements complement Quantum’s Scalar® libraries, further extending their position as an efficiency leader, making them the best solution to address today’s big data challenges and replace end-of-life proprietary tape systems.

Learn about the features of the latest LTO technology release, specific cost of ownership comparisons versus proprietary tape, and the future roadmap for development.

Webinar: A Storage Strategy to Achieve Better Data Protection, Preservation & Visibility

Live Webinar: 18:00BST 18th October. On Demand afterwards.

Kieran Maloney, Product Marketing Manager at Quantum as he discusses how today’s archive solutions complement flash storage by providing low cost, long-term data preservation and protection while maintaining data visibility and access.

You will learn:

  • How companies deploy storage tiers to optimize performance, data preservation and cost
  • A partner use case with Pure Storage that delivers a comprehensive tiered storage solution for large unstructured data sets
  • Trends and predictions for the flash storage market in 2018