Video: How BBC Northern Ireland Turned Decades Of Content Into A Secure, Accessible Petascale Archive

BBC Northern Ireland produces a complete schedule of news and current affairs programming that it distributes over two television channels, two radio stations, and multiple online platforms.

BBC NI also delivers content from other BBC production centers to Northern Ireland audiences. In addition, its facilities also serve as a central digital archive for the Rewind Projects, hosting thousands of hours of existing content from all of the BBC’s different national sites.

To meet their challenge of storing, protecting, and making the content available for reuse, they turned to a workflow management solution from Cinegy built on the Quantum StorNext storage platform.

Attend this webinar and learn more about key elements of the BBC NI solution:

• Unified asset management environment spans multiple, discrete storage tiers for storing video and audio essences together with metadata

• Teams of users and applications in all areas have fast, simultaneous access to all media content on disk and tape

• Automated movement of data between disk and tape tiers for backup and archive

• High-speed, multi-stream transcoding delivers content quickly for accelerated production because data is visible on any computer

• Dual-redundant systems supports around-the-clock operations and provides back-end storage support to ensure DR protection

• A scalable solution that can grow as storage demands increase in the future

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Webinar: The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Broadcasting

Webinar: Dec 13th 19:00 GMT / 2PM EST
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is beginning to make substantial inroads into modern media production workflows, primarily by automating a range of repetitive tasks. Wes Simpson, consulant and speaker and Keith Lissak from Quantum on a recent survey conducted by TV Technology, sponsored by Quantum, that explores how media companies are using AI today, and how they are managing content storage, retrieval and metadata management in an industry driven by relentless growth and increasing pressure to post first on social media.

Webinar highlights include:
– See which user categories have the most experience with AI and which applications are most popular
– Understand the industry trends that are fueling the adoption of AI technology
– Compare your organization’s metadata creation policies to industry peers

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Webinar: Smarter Storage for 4K – @QuantumCorp

Date: 14th November 2017, 10:00 ET, 15:00 GMT
Join Quantum’s Jason Matousek as he discusses the impacts of 4K and what you can do to better manage your data. Jason will answer questions about how video production teams should be planning for higher resolution workflows. There is a lot of information out there that’s confusing and flat-out contradictory. In 45 minutes, we hope to provide some clarity on common questions like do I need flash or can Ethernet support all my 4K needs?

Webinar: LTO-8—The New Enterprise Tape Drive

Live Webinar:Nov 15 6:00 pm GMT | On Demand after

Kieran Maloney and Ryan Duffy share the six reasons LTO tape has risen to the top as the best enterprise option with its latest eighth generation release: capacity, performance, error rate, material, cost of ownership, and diversification.

LTO advancements complement Quantum’s Scalar® libraries, further extending their position as an efficiency leader, making them the best solution to address today’s big data challenges and replace end-of-life proprietary tape systems.

Learn about the features of the latest LTO technology release, specific cost of ownership comparisons versus proprietary tape, and the future roadmap for development.