Video: Post-CES 2019 Round-up: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This on-demand webinar brings together Nighel Walley from Decipher, Paul Gagnon from IHS Markt, to talk all things CES with David Mercer from Strategy Analytics and Justin Lebbon from Mediatel events.

CES is used as a barometer of things to come and things that are on the way out and has a strong link into parts of the broadcast industry. At the end of the day, people change and technology changes; whatever your company, if you don’t change to suit, then you’ll be out of business.

So what’s hot and what’s off the boil this year? Find out as they cover 5G, 4K, AI, Screen tech and much more.

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Nigel Walley Nigel Walley
Managing Director,
Paul Gagnon Paul Gagnon
Executive Director of Analysis & Research
IHS Markit
David Mercer David Mercer
VP and Principal Analyst
Strategy Analytics
Justin Lebbon Justin Lebbon
Mediatel Events

Video: Producing 4K/UHD using IP and 12G-SDI

Held a couple of months before SMPTE 2110 was ratified at IBC, this panel discussion with Riedel, Evertz, EVS and Grass Valley looks at the state of SDI and IP: Which technologies are relevant now and which will win in the long run?

    The conversation covers these topics and more:

  • 12G Vs 3G SDI
  • Versions of UHD SDI
  • When should a vendor implement IP?
  • Will the future include compression?
  • How do you handle variable latencies with compression?

With the first all-IP and 12G-SDI OB trucks beginning to hit the road, and an increasing number of broadcast centres implementing comprehensive IP-based or hybrid infrastructures, this discussion will focus on the issue of connectivity and whether it is advantageous to use SDI or IP infrastructures – or indeed hybrid approaches utilising both. This panel discussion discussed the imperatives behind this dramatic technological change, the challenges that it presents, and the probable roadmap for the next few years. There will also be analysis of current industry initiatives such as AIMS and the ways in which these can help smooth the transition.

This Panel was part of the Broadcast Innovation Day hold by Broadcast Solutions GmbH.
Laurent Petit, VP Products, EVS
Simon Reed, Managing Director, Evertz UK
Thomas Riedel, CEO, RIEDEL Communications GmbH & Co. KG
Phil Myers, Former IP Product Manager, Grass Valley (formerly Snell Advanced Media (SAM))
Moderation: David Davies, Managing Editor, SVG Europe

Video: Why 4K Lenses Are Important Even If You’re Not Doing 4K

Mark Schubin presents a talk on why 4K lenses are relevant to HD productions. Starting by discussing whether there is a fixed ‘Television Viewing Distance’ and whether people can see 4K, he continues to discuss the importance of contrast in the ability of humans to see fine detail. Mark looks at Mean Transfer Curves which show that higher resolution lenses allow much more contrast at HD resolutions.

This talk was given at NAB 2018 at the Fujinon stand.

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Video: Tomorrow is Always a Day Away

A fantastic look at the history of all the modern technologies looking at how they were conceived and where we are today. Mark Schubin deftly covers:

  • HD, VR, 3D, AI, HDR, HFR
  • ‘Direct View’ Cinema Screens
  • How HDR, HFR interact
  • The move to IP
  • IMF and a look at the future

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Webinar: Smarter Storage for 4K – @QuantumCorp

Date: 14th November 2017, 10:00 ET, 15:00 GMT
Join Quantum’s Jason Matousek as he discusses the impacts of 4K and what you can do to better manage your data. Jason will answer questions about how video production teams should be planning for higher resolution workflows. There is a lot of information out there that’s confusing and flat-out contradictory. In 45 minutes, we hope to provide some clarity on common questions like do I need flash or can Ethernet support all my 4K needs?

Webinar: 12 GHz Coax, the New Frontier: Exploring 4K Coax Cable Technology

On-Demand Webinar

When will copper fail us? From the beginnings of electronic media, broadcast engineers have struggled with the bandwidth limitations of interconnecting cable. When 4K and other high data rate services first appeared, it seemed only fiber could handle the bandwidth. But we thought the same when SDI was introduced. Belden first introduced 4794R and now 4855R. Will these be the new 8281 and 9209? Have we reached the limit of electrons in cable, or are there new technologies that will extend the convenience of cable and connectors into the next generation of broadcast?

With each advance in interconnection, new methods for installation and use come with new limitations along with the improvements in bandwidth. This webinar covers interconnection in the 12 GHz world, and what is likely to be the technology for the next generation.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. If you can use existing cable for 12 GHz 4K applications.
  2. If there is a difference between 6 GHz 4K and 12 GHz 4K when choosing cable.
  3. Connectors you can use for 12 GHz 4K applications.

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