Webinar: How 5G Will Change Broadcast

5G is in key focus as we approach IBC and few are more invested in it than BT/EE in the UK. TVB Europe gives the platform to Matt Stagg from BT to explain what 5G means to them.

Date: 22nd August, 15:00 BST

Topics will include:

– How can 5G be used for remote production?
– What does network slicing mean for production process?
– What impact will 5G have on traditional pay-TV? Will it help operators find a bigger audience as they fight against the streaming services?
– Will 5G see consumers become more interested in virtual reality?
– Could 5G see the death of broadband?
– How far away is 6G?

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Matt Stagg Matt Stagg
Director of Mobile Strategy,
BT Sport

Webinar: The Role of Sports in the Future of Communications

Date: Tuesday March 19th
Time: 10am EDT / 14:00 GMT

We’re hearing a lot about 5G in the broadcast industry because the technology itself offers benefits to broadcasters such as isolation from an otherwise congested network. Clearly this type of feature is attractive to sports broadcasters where they are faced with 40,000 people using the local network and, indeed, BT Sports and operator EE produced a whole match using remote production (REMI) over 5G.

From the operator perspective, there is a lot to do and many other benefits of 5G to extol. But both broadcasters and telcos are agreed in seeing sports as an important part of the adoption of 5G.

Broadcasters will adopt 5G when and where it brings real benefits to their business. It will be a complement rather than a substitute for existing technologies.’ – Darko Ratkaj, EBU

Get the edge and cut through the hype by watching this webinar.

Join this LightReading.com webinar to find out more from Ovum and Amdocs who explain why sport and esports are so important while they cover:

  • When and where operators are focusing their 5G trials, and;
  • How operators are evolving their networks in terms of 5G rollout timelines and network design;
  • What they see as their top commercial opportunities and challenges.

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For more information, check out this recent webinar which is now available on demand:
Transforming Product and Broadcast with 5G


Ed Barton Ed Barton
Chief Analyst, Entertainment,
Tomer Gingold Tomer Gingold
VP, Head of BSS & B2B
Amdocs Technologu
Yogen Patel Yogen Patel
VP, Head of Product & Solutions Marketing
Amdocs Open Network

Video: Transforming production and broadcast with 5G

Date: 21st February 2019, 16:00 GMT plus

5G is the latest in a long line of mobile data protocols but comes with a key difference – that it can be used differently by businesses than consumers. In our case, this could mean a broadcaster can reserve bandwidth for remote productions (REMIs) as just one example.

This webinar looks at the real-world trials to make sense of the hype Vs reality bringing together experts on implementation and use of 5G from boundary-pushing BT Sport, the IRT research institute and ex-Nokia 4G & 5G strategist, Mario Nicolaou.

This webinar will explore a series of use cases for 5G with hands-on case studies, including:
– Enriching production and storytelling
– Revitalising newsgathering and live event coverage
– Blending broadcast and live data for mobile audiences in the European 5G-Xcast project

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Dr Jordi Gimenez Dr Jordi Gimenez
Research Engineer,
Matt Stagg Matt Stagg
Director of Mobile Strategy,
BT Sport
Marios Nicolaou Marios Nicolaou
5G and digital transformation senior strategy advisor
Robert Ambrose Robert Ambrose
Managing Consultant,
High Green Media

Video: Post-CES 2019 Round-up: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This on-demand webinar brings together Nighel Walley from Decipher, Paul Gagnon from IHS Markt, to talk all things CES with David Mercer from Strategy Analytics and Justin Lebbon from Mediatel events.

CES is used as a barometer of things to come and things that are on the way out and has a strong link into parts of the broadcast industry. At the end of the day, people change and technology changes; whatever your company, if you don’t change to suit, then you’ll be out of business.

So what’s hot and what’s off the boil this year? Find out as they cover 5G, 4K, AI, Screen tech and much more.

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Nigel Walley Nigel Walley
Managing Director,
Paul Gagnon Paul Gagnon
Executive Director of Analysis & Research
IHS Markit
David Mercer David Mercer
VP and Principal Analyst
Strategy Analytics
Justin Lebbon Justin Lebbon
Mediatel Events