Video: How eSports can Combine Old and New Monetisation Models to Reach New Heights

Akamai brings together GamesBeat, Ubisoft and Gen.G to talk about how to monetise esports. Gen.G runs esports teams, Ubisoft makes games, GamesBeat reviews games and Akamai delivers esports streaming. So together they have a pretty good idea of the industry!

Questions covered are:

  • What are the current esports revenue models?
  • Where is the bulk of revenue coming from today?
  • What lessons can be learned from traditional sports models?
  • How does Monetisation differ between East and West?

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Kent Wakeford Kent Wakeford
Co-founder and COO,
Robb Chiarini Robb Chiarini

Director Esports, NCSA
Jonathan Singer Jonathan Singer

Industry Strategist,
Dean Takahashi Dean Takahashi
Lead Writer,

Webinar: Winning the Battle for OTT Audiences

Date: 28th July 2018, 16:00 BST

This webinar brings examples from Leading OTT operators and providers describing how they drive audience growth through quality and user experience. Of course, great content alone is not enough to sustain a successful on-demand internet-delivered OTT service.

The speakers will reveal the risk factors that can destroy audience engagement, including poor streaming performance and data privacy and security fears and as OTT becomes inseparable from live broadcast, solutions for streaming time-sensitive, high-value live events and sports are assessed.

Whether it’s broadcaster catch-up, special-interest content or producers like HBO and Disney going direct, the pressure is on for platforms trying to compete with the big beasts Netflix and Amazon. With the announcement of Salto as a joint venture of broadcasters in France, and UK channels investing in updating Freeview Play, OTT is centre-stage once again.

Audiences have huge expectations of user experience, video image and quality-of-service – regardless of the network or device they are using. Delivering and managing a consistently-high quality of experience is crucial for media companies wanting to deliver a popular, engaging and profitable OTT service – whatever the content and business model.

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Guilherme Saraiva, CTO, Rede Telecine
Steve Miller-Jones, Senior Director of Product Management, Limelight Networks