Meeting: Movie Distribution and Workflow Security

Date: May 9th 2018, 18:15-21:00
Location: NBC Universal, 1 Central St Giles, St Giles High Street, WC2H 8NU Google Maps

This talk looks at two areas of great developments in the film industry:

Versioning and localisation plus the need to have content security at all stages today focussing on security during the production process.

International Movie distribution using digital files is a well-oiled machine – and it needs to be with burgeoning movie versions increasing all the time. Some International releases have upwards of 750 different versions to create, package and distribute to the cinema.

While the distribution above is well protected by in built encryption and physical barriers what about security during production?


Andy Lucas – Vice President Global Distribution Technology, Universal Pictures International

David Hodgkinson – SVP Distribution Operations, Universal Pictures International

Video: Cinema Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Mark Schubin

An important reminder of the psychology and biology of watching films – it’s not just about technology.
As we approach the 125th anniversary of people paying to watch movies, Mark Schubin, who has been working in the field for 50 years, takes us on a journey from seemingly undirected early “actualities,” through a century of innovations, to some possible futures for the field. Can two people see completely different things in the same image? Why does a cinema viewer’s attire matter? Is there a correlation between ticket price and enjoyment?

Watch now!