Webinar: Top 15 Things You Can’t Miss at NAB 2019

Date: Wednesday 27th 2019
Time: 11am EDT / 15:00 GMT

All eyes are on NAB for announcements of new products and new mergers! Every year come April, there are big announcements and we get another glimpse into how the market and technologies are changing and adapting. Much of this can be seen from what happened at IBC and NAB the year before…but the devil is in the details and this is where the experienced eye of editors such as Jenny Priestley (TVB Europe) and Tom Butts (TV Technology) come in.

Jenny and Tom will take us through the things to keep a look out for at NAB – or for those not attending what to look out for in the press releases!

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Tom Butts Tom Butts
Content Director,
TV Technology
Jenny Priestley Jenny Priestley

Webinar: 5G Broadcast: Engine of Next Generation Networks

Date:Thursday, November 08, 2018 15:00 GMT
For decades, organizations have strived to create high quality, affordable mobile television. Now, after the introduction of the new FeMBMS 5G broadcast network standard, this dream is becoming reality. With 5G broadcasts, billions of consumers worldwide can transform their existing smartphones and tablets into mobile receivers capable of accessing TV services, media content, social networks and many other forms of media.

In Europe, Rohde & Schwarz is at the cutting edge of this technology revolution. In one German field trial, 5G Today, R&S is partnering other forward-thinking organizations such as broadcaster, Bayerischer Rundfunk and mobile network operator, Telefónica 02. Together, they have enabled large-scale transmission of media content in broadcast mode based on mobile technology and terrestrial transmitter networks.

Join a special webinar hosted by TVB Europe where you can learn how this new business development can generate fresh audiences and major revenue streams for organizations like yours. The webinar will be hosted by Rohde & Schwarz who will guide you through this fascinating new mobile media landscape, illustrating how this technology can revolutionize your business profitability.

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Webinar: IP – the business case. How did we get here and where are we going?

Webinar: Tuesday 28th November, 15:00 GMT
A commercial look at IP from TSL Products and TVB Europe.

The webinar will discuss the multiple facets of broadcast IP, including:

  • Why is this transition is happening now?
  • The required engineering skillset and technical issues
  • Does IP production bring advantages that justify the capital investment?
  • Can the complexities of IP be removed from operators?
  • Standards frameworks and industry cooperation – what is required to make IP production work with minimum risk?
  • The future – a fully IP infrastructure

With the expertise of industry leaders Mark Davies, Director of Products & Technology and Steve Brownsill, Audio Product Manager, TSL Products will present an exclusive in-depth webinar on broadcast IP  – the business case. How did we get here and where are we going?