Video: Deploying Android TV operator Tier STBs

It’s not easy doing a complete STB roll-out so it’s great that Com Hem have brought together 3 Screen Solutions, Technicolor and Verimatrix to explain how they rolled out the first hybrid Android TV Operator Tier STV from Com Hem. Joining John Moulding from Videonet the session talks about:

  • Outlining the benefits of RDK and Android
  • Project approach, timeline & benefits
  • Content segmentation, maximising compatibility
  • Player functionality & Remote control
  • Google Integration and mandates
  • Middleware
  • Hardware Choice
  • Content Protection strategies
  • Backend implementation
  • And much more!

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Thomas Helbo Thomas Helbo
Com Hem
Kai-Christian Borchers Kai-Christian Borchers
Managing Director
3 Screen Solutions
Gaëtan Delcroix Gaëtan Delcroix
Vice President, Video Product Unit
Petr Peterka Petr Peterka
John Moulding John Moulding

Webinar: Transitioning Video Delivery to the Cloud – Best Practices

The Streaming Video Alliance are back with a packed panel of experts discussing the move from broadcast channels to the cloud.

The real transition from traditional TV broadcast to online video is happening behind the scenes as incumbents and new providers embrace cloud resources to provide a scalable, distributed means to reach the widest possible audience. But the cloud is complicated. With a myriad of providers and a bevy of services available, providers need to understand both how the cloud can help streaming video workflows as well as the challenges involved with implementation and integration. In this panel, you’ll hear experts discuss a variety of challenges with cloud-based workflows, the growing importance of edge computing, and best practices for adopting cloud technologies in video delivery.

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Dror Gill Dror Gill
CTO & VP Marketing,
Raji Sankaran Raji Sankaran
Software Engineer II,
Concurrent Computer Corporation
Mick McCluskey Michael McCluskey
VP Product Management,
Petr Peterka Petr Peterka
Chief Technology Officer,
Johan Bolin Johan Bolin
VP Products,
Edgeware AB
Jason Thibeault Moderator: Jason Thibeault
Executive Director,
Streaming Video Alliance

Webinar: Securing Broadcast Quality Video Workflows in the Cloud

Webinar: March 29th, 2018, 15:00 BST, 08:00 PDT
Cloud-based services offer video service providers flexibility and scale to deliver secure, high-quality live and on-demand video more efficiently so when AWS Elemental migrated their packaging and delivery solutions to the cloud, Verimatrix moved with them.

Tom Pollard, VP Product Management at Verimatrix and Lionel Bringuier, PM Director of Delivery Products at AWS Elemental team up for a detailed live discussion on the future of premium video delivery.

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Webinar: Rethinking Content Distribution

Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Time: 16:00 GMT, 09:00 AM PDT

Technologies exist that can increase efficiencies allowing operators to focus on creating richer experiences for subscribers and allowing content owners to streamline distribution to securely reach a broader audience, in less time.

On October 25th experts from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Verimatrix will share a new vision for the future of content distribution.

This webinar will be recorded and made available to all those who register.