Webinar: NAB Show Highlights

Date: May 17, 2018 7am – 11am PT | 2pm – 6pm GMT
Choose from any or all of 3 talks in AWS Elemental’s online conference:

  • Expert Panel: NAB 2018 Video Encoding Trends & Conference Recap
  • Increase the Value of Video with Deep Learning & Media Services
  • Introduction to Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) Encoding

So if you missed out on NAB, or the AWS’s QVBR Webinar the other day, sign up and watch!

Video: The benefits of using CRF-capped VOD Encoding

In this presentation from Streaming Tech Sweden 2017, Carl Lindqvist from Bonnier Broadcasting and Johan Skaneby from Eyevinn Technology, describe the benefits and gains of using CRF-capped VOD encoding (constant rate factor).
With a thorough explanation of how this encoding works, Carl and Joahan show that CFR Based encoding can deliver

  • CDN savings,
  • Bandwidth savings,
  • Mobile dataplan savings and
  • User experience improvements.

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Great prep for AWS Elemental’s upcoming QVBR webcast on 26th April 2018 –

Webinar: Intro to QVBR: Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate Control

Date: April 26th 2018, 16:00 BST, 8am PDT

If the most important characteristic of encoded video is quality, a simple and certain way to achieve it is through Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate Control (QVBR) which is designed to deliver constant video quality and waste zero bits in the process.

Here’s a brief outline of QVBR’s many benefits:
• Generate consistent, high-quality video for a perfected media experience
• Maintain video quality with fewer bits, saving up to 50% on storage and delivery
• Easy, simple operation: Just set a fixed quality level and a max bitrate and the encoder does the rest
AVC and HEVC codec support

Join AWS Elemental for an in-depth, technical discussion of how QVBR works, its advantages, and its uses.

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Dan Gehred

Dan Gehred

Solutions Marketing Manager for Compression, AWS Elemental

Dan Gehred, Solutions Marketing Manager for Compression at AWS Elemental, is responsible for product marketing for all compression software products. Dan has over 15 years of experience building and marketing digital media applications.




Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

PM Director – Live Encoding Products

Kevin has over twelve years of experience designing and developing professional video products. He is responsible for Product Management for live transcoding at AWS Elemental. He’s convinced that there has never been a better time to be developing great live video experiences for customers.