Video: Designing User Experiences for VR

José Somolinos from Accedo.TV gives a great overview of the state of VR. Speaking at Streaming Tech Sweden, José covers:

  • How can you mix 16:9 footage with a VR experience?
  • What about 360º video which is often synonymous with 360.
  • What is Google’s VR180?
  • What are the many ways of saving bandwidth by mapping video?

Finishing with Holographic video and a Q&A, this really helps understand where VR can fit in today’s broadcast & media market place.

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José is Senior UX Product Manager at Accedo.TV.
Streaming Tech Sweden is an independent, sponsor-free conference run by Eyevinn Technology.

Video: The Role of Metadata in Content Discovery; Improving the User Experience and Reducing Churn

Rainy days increase viewing of horror movies, discovers Arash Pendari, CEO and Founder of Vionlabs. How can we market better to people? Using machine learning and advanced analytics, Arash talks about the role of metadata in content discovery ensuring that viewers are not pigeonholed and recommendation engines provide suggestions with depth.

This presentation is from Streaming Tech Sweden 2017, the tech-conference for the Streaming Tech Community. With a dedicated focus on the technology for video streaming, this is the meeting place to be educated and inspired by experts in this area, network with the community and bring home new thoughts and ideas. With a no-sponsors policy STSWE can independently choose the topics and speakers we and the community find most important and relevant.

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Webinar: How to build your own CDN – SVT

Fredrik Widlund shares Swedish Television’s (SVT) experience building their own CDN in house.
Fredrik explains the rationale in building their own CDN and the experience they gained from doing it. Quality
Includes a Q&A which took pleace at Streaming Tech Sweden 2017, a tech-conference for the Streaming Tech Community. Streaming Tech Sweden has a no-sponsors policy to allow them to independently choose the topics and speakers they and the community find most important and relevant.

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Video: Live Streaming Experiences using Server-Side Ad Insertion

Experiences and insights using Server Side Ad Insertion in TV4 Play for both VOD and Live in this talk at Streaming Tech Sweden given by Marcus Lindén, Head of Development and Integration, Bonnier Broadcasting.

Marcus demonstrates a live channel with static ads in a linear broadcast and with personalised ads in the live OTT stream and shows us how ad insertion as moved in the last 10 years from client side to server side and the benefits therein.

Marcus finishes by taking us through the timeline of the project, the development of the business plan and the thinking behind it.

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Video: Low-Latency Live OTT Streaming CMAF and the alternatives

Will Law, shows we can get close to traditional live broadcast latency even over OTT. Summarising the typical latency and capability of the various streaming protocols, Will introduces CMAF and explains why this is destined to significantly reduce steaming latency.

Will’s enthusiastic and detailed explanations and the slides are a great reference to understand the pros and cons of HLS, Smoothstreaming, RTMP, WebRTC etc. even without the CMAF introduction which is a great primer for the future.

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Video: Codec News – Status of HEVC

Jonatan Samuelsson, CEO of Divideon gives a short history of HEVC, it’s status and looks beyond HEVC including a teaser of his own technology, XVC. A great follow on from JanOzer’s codecs update talk and the AV1 update from the Alliance of Open Media all at Streaming Tech Sweden at the end of last year.

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VIDEO: AV1 status update

How ready is AV1? Jai Krishnan from Google explains what AV1 is, why it was developed and what’s next for the codec.

See also Jan Ozer’s Keynote on the status of most current codecs:

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Video: Current Status of Codecs Keynote from Jan Ozer

From the Streaming Tech conference in Sweden, Jan Ozer gives us a pleasantly detailed overview of the status of codec licencing, costs, development and performance. From h.264 to VP9 to AV1 with a section on HEVC.

Streaming Tech Sweden is a Swedish conference with a dedicated focus on the technology for video streaming. This is the meeting place for tech managers, architects, developers and product managers looking to be educated and inspired by experts in this area, network with peers and bring home new thoughts and ideas.