Video: Into the Depths: The Technical Details behind AV1

As we wait for the dust to settle on this NAB’s AV1 announcements hearing who’s added support for AV1 and what innovations have come because of it, we know that the feature set is frozen and that some companies will be using it. So here’s a chance to go in to some of the detail.

AV1 is being created by the AOM, the Alliance for Open Media, of which Mozilla is a founding member. The IETF is considering it for standardisation under their NetVC working group and implementations have started. On The Broadcast Knowledge, we have seen explanations from, one of the original contributors to AV1. We’ve seen how it fares against HEVC with Ian Trow and how HDR can be incorporated in it from Google and Warwick University. For a complete list of all AV1 content, have a look here.

Now, we join Nathan Egge who talks us through many of the different tools within AV1 including one which often captures the imagination of people; AV1’s ability to remove film grain ahead of encoding and then add back in synthesised grain on playback. Nathan also looks ahead in the Q&A talking about integration into RTP, WebRTC and why Broadcasters would want to use AV1.

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Nathan Egge Nathan Egge
Video Codec Engineer,

Video: Mozilla TechSpeakers – AV1 Video Codec

AV1 is much talked about. We know what it promises, but how many of us remember what it does and why it is so promising?

Here, Mozilla – a member of the Alliance for Open Media – takes us through what AV1 is, how it works, why it promises to fare better than HEVC.

• Brief history of video viewering royalty codecs
• What makes AV1 different
• The tools AV1 uses
• Quality Benchmarks
• HEVC Licensing
And much more

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Webinar: An Introduction to AV1, The Next-Gen Royalty-Free Codec From the Alliance for Open Media

Webinar: Thu, Mar 22, 2018 14:00 GMT and 18:00 GMT

Now that AV1 has entered its final stage of development and is getting close to finalising its features, it’s a good time to take a closer look at what’s in store for the future of video streaming.

Join Bitmovin and Mozilla – the two companies behind the world’s first AV1 playback with HTML5 – as we discover the cool new video tools in this royalty-free video codec from the Alliance for Open Media!

This webinar will cover:
+ A bit about the history that led to AV1 and the current state of the codec
+ Discover the cool new tools in AV1 brings and compare performance relative to other codecs
+ Review what’s already possible and what to expect next


Martin Smole
Engineering Director, Encoding

Nathan Egge
Senior Research Engineer

Kieran Farr
VP Marketing Bitmovin

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