Video: AMWA NMOS State of Play

With all the talk of the SMPTE ST 2110 standards suite, it’s sometimes forgotten that it only deals with content. If you want a working system, you’ll need to do a few more things – find new devices on the network, work out what they can do, control them, guarantee the bandwidth and often deal with metadata that arrives separately like tallies.

This is what the AMWA NMOS specifications do. Peter Brightwell and Thomas Edwards have been heavily involved in creating them and in this video lead us through what each one does and how they are used.

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Peter Brightwell Peter Brightwell
Lead Engineer,
Thomas Edwards Thomas Edwards
VP Engineering & Development

Video: SMPTE ST 2022 – Moving Serial Interfaces (ASI & SDI) to IP

A video on the often overlooked parts of SMPTE 2022 useful for carrying compressed as well as uncompressed video. Thomas Edwards, VP of Engineering and Development at Fox takes us through the suite in order explaining:

  • MPEG2-TS
  • The difference between FEC for compressed and uncompressed video
  • Compressed Video over IP
  • Uncompressed Video over IP
  • Carrying ancillary data
  • Viewing streams on Wireshark

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