Webinar: Colour Science Fundamentals in Motion Imaging

Webinar Date: Thursday 14th March
Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT / 17:00 GMT

This webcast will focus on the fundamentals of colour science as it relates to the motion picture and television industry and then explore how we can take advantage our visual system for improved visual quality.
The webcast covers:

  • The fundamentals of display colorimetry,
  • Colour spaces,
  • Encoding spaces.
  • Psychovisual optimisations
  • Where and how this is used on a daily basis.

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Jaclyn Pytlarz Jaclyn Pytlarz
Senior Engineer,
Dolby Laboratories

Webinar: SMPTE Standards Update Webcast: Perceptual EOTF

HDR support continues to improve, but the challenge of traditional infrastructure limitations and the desire for efficient packaging prevent utilization of large bit depths everywhere.
This SMPTE Educational Webcast explores how the Electro-Optical Transfer Function (EOTF) really defines an electronic imaging signal and what that means for the use of higher dynamic range content. In addition, the development of a signal definition based on the human visual system model promises to optimize its perceptual efficiency.
Scott Miller from Dolby puts the focus on the PA HDR technology developed by Dolby Labs with some comparisons to HLG.

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